European Researchers’ Night in our VR Lab

The VR Lab team – prof. Krzysztof Walczak, dr. Rafał Wojciechowski, dr. Jakub Flotyński and Dariusz Rumiński participated in the “European Researchers’ Night” event, in which scientific communities in 24 countries all over Europe presented their work to the wide public in the form of lectures, shows, experiments and classes. The team presented the VR Lab in the form of a workshop titled “Virtual Worlds” directed mainly to young participants.

Media in laboratory

On Sept. 21st 2016, the Department of Information Technology in cooperation with PUE’s Business Press Office organized a press conference, at which three new scientific laboratories prepared within the “InnoUEP” project have been presented. During the conference media correspondents could see how research is being conducted in a digital world and personally “immerse themselves” in virtual reality. A number of interviews with the Lab team members have been conducted.

Below is the list of media coverages of this event:

TVP3 Poznań


Radio Merkury

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